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The Reading Room is Open For Business! Come see our new digs!
First Fridays Story Time will be Nov. 5th at 10 am.
Plans are in the works for our Grand Opening on Nov. 13th from 10 am-2 pm.
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Website Links

Christian Science Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

Wellspring Gardens – Converse, TX
The Leaves – Richardson, TX
Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association – Brookline, MA
Green Pastures Christian Science In-Home Nursing Services – San Antonio, Texas
Christian Science Nurse Connections

Financial Assistance

Principle Foundation – promotes inspired benevolence in accordance with the teachings of Christian Science.

Albert Baker Fund – provides resources for the education and development of Christian Scientists.

Campership Fund for Christian Scientists

Opportunities in
Christian Science

CYNYSC Paid Internship Opportunity – Arden Wood, CA
Beginning September 2021  (Apply by August 15th)

Inspiring Job Opportunities at the Chesnut Hill BA
Serve the Cause of Christian Science in the Boston area! 


Thank you for supporting our church!

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